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Top rated Nicaraguan Cigars

The Best Nicaraguan Cigars.

There are so many unique Nicaraguan cigar blends out there, mainly due to this fantastic brand’s growing popularity. This strong cigar brand continues to grow rapidly, and I'm sure you've also heard of the gospel. What you might not have heard is how to pick the best Nicaraguan cigar brand that suits your taste. In this article, what we will be considering is giving some of the most helpful tips for choosing the best Nicaraguan cigars for you. But before that, what exactly are Nicaraguan cigars?

What Are the Best Nicaraguan Cigars?

Nicaraguan cigars are a premium cigar brand established in the tobacco-growing regions of Nicaragua. An area that is distinct for its unique soil, mineral content, and diverse blends of outstanding flavors. The majority of these cigars are produced in Esteli, a city located in the northwest region of Nicaragua. This area is mainly dominated by rich black fertile soil perfect for growing quality tobaccos.

Of all the major premium cigars produced in Central America, the Nicaraguan cigars are admirable and flavorful tobaccos. According to most Nicaraguan cigar smokers, these cigars are considered the closest to the classic Cuban cigars in terms of aroma, body, and flavors.

Tips For Buying the Finest Nicaraguan Cigars

How do you choose the best Nicaraguan cigar? Here are a few tips that would help.

  • They should be well Humidified. Before you Purchase your Nicaraguan cigar, ensure that the store you walk into is well humidified. Typically, a cigar shop should have the right level of humidity. That would ensure that the cigars are in good condition. Of course, you should not just stop there; check to ensure that your exact Nicaraguan cigar choice is also well humidified.
  • They should be in good condition. Trust me; you don't want to smoke a Nicaraguan cigar with cracked wrappers and flaking wrappers. Such cigars already have compromised quality. When picking your cigar, you should choose a cigar that looks nice and will smoke well. Additionally, when you look closely at the boxes of your Nicaraguan cigars, you will be able to tell the sizes and shapes for that particular cigar. Ensure that you pick well-shaped cigars and the right size that suits your taste.
  • Time available to smoke. Before you purchase your Nicaraguan tobacco, have you asked yourself how much time you have to smoke? If all you have is a short lunch break, you might want to consider going for a smaller size that wouldn't take much time. However, if you have the whole afternoon in the park, you can pick up a full-body smoke.

Are Nicaraguan Cigars Perfect for Smoking?

In central America, Nicaraguan cigars are ranked as the best available tobaccos around for their typically dark, full-bodied, robust cigars. However, globally, we cannot be sure that they are ranked at the top of the tobacco market. With competition from equally renowned brands like the Dominican cigar brand and Honduras, we cannot refer to them as the best cigar brand in the global tobacco market.

Features  And Advantages Of Nicaraguan Cigars.

Features And Advantages of The Best Nicaraguan Cigars

The Nicaraguan cigars are popularly known to be among the best brands producing quality cigars for a particular reason. Some of these reasons include:

  • Tobacco strength: One of the most significant reasons why the Nicaraguan cigar brands are famous for quality cigars is the quality of their tobacco. The region, with its unique soil and minerals, relatively contributes to producing the quality tobaccos used in making these cigars. The strength of Nicaraguan tobacco is the primary factor that has helped the brand grow quality cigars consistently for several years.
  • Wrappers: The Nicaraguan wrappers are medium brown cigar wrapper leaves majorly used for premium Nicaraguan cigars. These leaves give a distinct appeal in strength and vigor that makes them a significant component in making premium cigars.
  • Fillers: These make up the body of most cigars. Nicaraguan fillers are particularly famous for giving a distinct flavor that most smokers love to get in their strong cigars. These fillers are obtained from the tobacco leaves of the fertile Nicaragua soil, and when bunched together, make up the content of most Nicaraguan cigars.
  • Flavor: Lastly, the soil used for planting the Nicaraguan tobacco flavor gives off a rich and earthy flavor that most smokers find appealing. If your Nicaraguan cigar doesn't have a rich, earthy and attractive taste, that's enough indication that quality has been compromised.


While you've certainly learned a lot about the Nicaraguan cigars, their features, and what you should know before purchasing them, you can't precisely know the feel of these premium tobacco products until you try them out. So, go ahead and have a taste of top Nicaraguan cigars; I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

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