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Best Mild Cigars

Best Mild Cigars For Beginner.

Mild cigars are not only meant for beginners who are just going into the world of premium tobaccos. They can also provide that little spice of flavor and nicotine you need without getting you overwhelmed. This article contains the information you need about mild cigars, including a buying guide to help you through your purchase decision.

What Are the Best Mild Cigars?

Just like people and every other thing, cigars come in shapes, flavors, and spices. Mild cigars are a type of cigar category designed to give the same taste, pleasure, and exotic tinge you’d get from any other cigar without so much buzz and nicotine effect to overwhelm you. Typically, mild cigars are lighter and are more enjoyed at certain times, like early in the day, giving the subtle impact of earthy flavors alongside food and morning beverages. The strength of a cigar is what we use in classifying them, and mild cigars fall at the bottom of this order preceding the medium and strong cigar. However, that does not in any way mean it is lesser in quality. Mild cigars are not blunt cigars. In actuality, they are quality cigars that are sometimes just as flavorful as a full-bodied cigar.

Mild cigars are also often referred to as starter cigars, that is because they are believed to be majorly designed for beginners in the world of premium tobacco. This, however, is just another misconception that needs to be thrown out into the wind. While it is true that starter cigars are a stepping stone for beginners new to cigars, it should also be noted that they can be a lot more than that. They still offer a wide range of flavors, richness, and taste you would get from any other nice cigar.

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Tips for Buying Mild Cigars for Beginners

Cigars are primarily classified in terms of strength, size, wrapper, binders, and folders. The strength of your cigar refers to the mild, medium, or full cigar. Now, choosing your mild cigar can be a little complex as there is a wide range of flavors to choose from. Here are some tips that would help choose your best mild cigars:

Go for lighter wrappers

The lighter shade of wrappers usually signifies a lighter cigar. If you're someone new to the world of premium cigars, you might be oblivious to such things. These shades of the wrapper are referred to as Connecticut shade and blonde in appearance.

Reach out to a tobacconist

Experienced smokers might not need to reach out to a tobacconist, but as a beginner, it would help if you could reach out for professional advice for a cigar choice that would match your tolerance level.

Difference Between Light And Mild Cigars

Avoid smallest ring gauges

Although smaller ring gauges are advised for beginners as they will give you the chance to savor the feeling without getting overwhelmed by the business that comes with bigger cigars. This might be a little bit wrong because larger ring gauge cigars have a lot more air and less heat, making the tobacco less intense. Additionally, the smallest ring gauges are not the best options for you because they will burn hotter, faster and require more technique (that a beginner might not possess) to enjoy them.

Features And Advantages of Quality Cigars

While there is a long list of cigar choices available for you, with disparities in shapes, sizes, colors, flavors, and a lot more, there are some general and essential characteristics that should be present in your cigars. These features are what make quality cigars. Below is a list of the qualities that make smooth cigars.

Mild Cigars.

  • Taste: In quality cigars, the taste is a vital characteristic. If your cigars taste acidic, salty, or bitter, that is enough indication that the quality is poor. A smooth cigar should have a floral, earthy, spicy, fruity, and nutty taste. Any deviation or alteration in the typical taste of your cigars shows that the quality is poor, and the factors responsible for a change in taste of your cigars could be humidity and improper storage. However, you should also note that taste is subjective, and it is not every cigar that doesn’t taste pleasant to you that is of bad quality. It might just be that it isn’t your preferred flavor.
  • Appearance: There should not be so many disparities in the appearance of your cigars. Although they are handmade and cannot be 100% identical, the appearance of your tobaccos should be consistent. Colors should look the same, and the cigar wrappers should not appear cracked, as that is an indication that they are beginning to dry out.
  • Construction: The construction of your cigar will determine how smoothly and evenly it burns. In a high-quality cigar, wrappers will appear neat and sturdy. The fillers are also not packed too tightly or too loose. You can confirm how well constructed your tobacco is by rolling it between your fingers; you will notice the consistent texture and fill if adequately built.
  • Long-ash: In any good quality cigar, your ash is expected to measure about an inch before it falls off. This is essentially a key factor because the length of the ash has a way of impacting the flavor of the tobacco.


Although the cigars in the mild category do not get enough recognition as solid and full cigars, they can be as smooth and flavorful as any tobacco, and they are worth trying out.


What kind of cigars are light and mild?

Light and mild cigars are typically for beginners as they do not contain an overwhelming amount of nicotine like the fuller cigars. They are the kinds of cigars best for indulging in short but mild and smooth tobacco time out.

What does mild mean on cigars?

The word mild emphasis on the light categories of cigars that are often delicate bodied and less buzzing compared to full-bodied cigars.

What is a good mild cigar?

A good mild cigar will have all-natural tastes without altering flavor, a consistent appearance, and sturdy construction.

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