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Best Humidor for Beginners

Humidor For Beginners.

The humidor is one thing cigar smokers should have. However, with so many brands and humidor specs available, choosing one gets tougher. To help you in selecting the most befitting, we have put together this humidor guide.

Here, you will find handy tips that will make your purchase decision faster. The table below shows some of the best humidors for cigars alongside the details that would help you make comparisons. They will make it easier to pick the right starter humidors for home and individual use.

What Is a Humidor?

Humidors are not just any boxes. They are the proper storage for your cigar collection. They help keep the moisture in your tobacco by storing them in a consistent humidity and temperature. Humidors are to cigars as barrels are to wines. If you want your cigar to age good, a humidor is what to get.

In summary, a humidor does the following:

  • A humidor helps your cigar retain its flavor and aroma.
  • It provides the proper humidity for cigars which assists in keeping them moist.
  • A good humidor allows your cigar to age well.
  • It improves the flavor of your cigar if stored for long.
  • It helps to prevent tobacco pests from destroying your cigar.

Humidors come in different types. They differ according to the materials used in making them and their styles. The main types of humidors include wineadors, cigar boxes, and cigar furniture.

Big Humidor For Beginners.

How To Choose the Best Humidor for Beginners?

Are you shopping for your beginner humidor? Here are things you should consider before choosing one:

  • The size: How much of a collector are you? Humidors come in different sizes to suit your inventory. Consider which starter humidor has the capacity of the average number of cigars you will store. If you keep a handful, a cigar box will suffice. Whatever you do, ensure that the humidor has the proper measurement to hold your cigars.
  • Humidor lid: This is a feature you should look out for at any time. The essence of the humidor is to keep the keep a consistent temperature inside. If the humidor lid does not seal tightly, the humidity will escape through the open space. Whatever material the cigar storage is made of, make sure it seals tightly. The best cigar boxes are air-tight and maintain consistent humidity.
  • Humidor material: Humidors are made with different materials like wood, glass, and metal. While some are made with just one material, others are a mixture of different ones. You may easily fall in love with a glass humidor at first sight but consider the environment you stay in before paying. Glass humidors need to be shielded from light. That means if you stay where the humidor can easily be exposed to light, the glass may not be a wise choice. Another issue with glass humidors is that they do not absorb moisture, unlike their wooden counterparts. Most wooden humidors are made with cedar which retains the cigar flavor and maintains humidity.
  • Humidity system of the cigar holder: Humidors require humidifiers to enhance the moisture in the cigars. A humidor with a manual humidity system would require you to check the hygrometer and add water when needed. An electronic humidor adds water automatically when the humidity level is low.

Features And Advantages Of A Container For Storing Cigars

Good starter humidors should have certain features which benefit their users. These features are highlighted below:

  • Effective humidification system: A good сcontainer for storing cigars should have an adequate humidity system.
  • Accurate hygrometer: The hygrometer determines when you need to reseason a humidor. If it reads wrongly, you may end up losing your precious collection.
  • Ease of use: Nobody likes going through complex processes to access things especially those they paid to get. A good humidor should be easy to use and maintain.

Wood Humidor.

How To Use a Humidor?

Since electronic humidors are costly, most people go for manual ones. If you are using an electronic humidor, it is easy to use. They come with instructions on how to use and maintain them, unlike most manual humidors.

The humidor requires you to season it before use. Seasoning a cigar humidor is easy when you know the process. If you have the manual humidor, do not fret. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use a cigar humidor:

Seasoning a humidor

Place the device in a bowl of distilled water or half distilled water depending on the tolerance. Ensure it is submerged so the moisture can reach everywhere. Do that until the humidor is completely wet.

  • Remove the tobacco jar from the water and wipe excess water.
  • Soak your sponge (humidifier) in distilled water.
  • Put your soaked sponge and hygrometer into the humidor.
  • Close the lid and leave for 2-3 days.
  • After the first seasoning, repeat the process and leave for another one day before arranging your cigarette inside.


How long can a cigar be out of a humidor? At most, three days. That means, if you plan to keep your cigars for more than three days, you need to get a humidor. Without knowing the correct selection criteria, you may encounter difficulties while purchasing a humidor. However, our humidor guide should help you throughout your quest and make your purchase experience better.

Happy shopping!

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