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How to remove cigar smell from clothes?

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Cigar smoking can be a great social activity, and many people enjoy relaxing over a cigar in the evening in general. But these great times do come with an annoying drawback. If you’re a regular cigar smoker, you’ll know what this is already, but if not, you are reading up on this information at the right time. When you smoke a cigar, the intense smell that these create gets deep into the fabric of your clothes and it can be a nightmare to get the smell washed out.

Regular washing sometimes isn’t enough either, which is why we’d like to discuss some tips and tricks on removing smoke smells right now.

Removing smoke smells — steps you can take

If you’re a regular cigar smoker, the smell of smoke that can get ingrained into your clothes can be very frustrating. Even if you’ve just been around cigar smokers and you’ve not taken a puff yourself, things can still get caught up in your clothes, and unless this is dealt with, you risk ruining your clothes - period. Therefore, we’d encourage you to take the following action as soon as you can:

Baking Soda.

Try baking soda

Baking soda is a truly magical product. People use it for all kinds of reasons, but specifically for this problem, we suggest using it for your smoke scented clothes. The reason for this is because baking soda helps to alleviate odours from fabric, and it can even help to remove stains from carpets and rugs. It's that powerful! In terms of the actual application, we advise that you put the smokey clothes in a bag, ideally a plastic bag, and then add a scoop of baking soda inside the bag. Tie it tightly, and then give the bag a shake to ensure that the baking soda is spread around and not concentrated on just one area.

From here, you simply need to leave the clothes for a few hours in the bag, and the baking soda will perform its magic. Once this length of time has passed, you can remove the clothes from the bag and get them straight into the wash.

Let your clothes dry outside

You might think that this is strangely simple, but trust us, airing out your wet clothes works wonders - especially for smells like smoke. Note that you may want to perform the baking soda trick, wash your clothes, and then move onto this step. Of course, this tip on removing smoke smells is only really feasible if you have an outside area in which you can dry your clothes. If you have, for example, a washing line or a rack you can place outside in the yard, you can easily implement this tip.

Make sure you leave the clothes out for as long as possible here, even if they are already dry. The reason for this is because the air will gradually freshen up the fabric, and before you know it, your clothes will be as good as new.

Clothes Dry Outside.

Use drying sheets

If you’re still wondering how to remove cigar smell from clothes, here we have another great tip. This one is perfect for those of you who might not have access to an outside area that can be used to air-dry your clothes. So, as you may have guessed, in this method we will assume that you are drying your clothes in an actual clothes dryer. When doing this, you should throw a few drying sheets into the load, ideally a few more than usual! Drying sheets, by nature, are designed to get your clothes smelling nice and fresh, but they also help to sap bad smells out of fabric too.

This is something that people don’t often realize, and the best part is that you can choose which fragrance you’d like to replace the smoke smells!

Use a deodorant style spray

To clear up any confusion, we’re not talking about a standard deodorant here. We are talking about specific, odor-neutralizing sprays that can be purchased in many places. You can think of these in a similar manner to sprays that are used to remove the sweat smells from shoes. They work in the same way for clothes, which makes them one of the best remedies for removing smoke smells. You can spray your clothes with these sprays before you put them on, straight after drying, or at regular intervals throughout the day if desired.

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If you’ve been struggling with removing smoke smells from your clothing, we sincerely hope that this page has given you some valuable advice. After all, nobody wants to go out and purchase new clothes just because they have an unpleasant smell, especially when the problem can be dealt with in a more cost-effective manner. And for those of you who’d like a bit more information on cigars, the various types, and which ones might be right for you, we recommend reading some of our cigar reviews when you get the chance.

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