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How much Nicotine is in a Cigar?

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There has long been a myth that cigar smoking is a safer alternative to other forms of smoking. The reason for this myth stems from the fact that when smoking a cigar, no smoke should be inhaled into the lungs, at least if the smoking is done as intended. But do cigars have nicotine, and if so, how much? Well, we can already say that yes, cigars do have nicotine, and the levels of nicotine can actually be far higher than other smoking tools like cigarettes. The key difference, however, is that cigars are smoked on a far less regular basis, which is why nicotine levels aren’t always discussed regarding cigar smoking - until now. We will get specific on these details below.

The more intricate details on nicotine in cigars

Regular cigar smokers are likely under no illusion about the nicotine in cigars, but we’re not sure that they fully understand the levels. Below, we’ve detailed several interesting facts surrounding the nicotine content in cigars, and we hope that this helps to give you a more rounded and educated view on the issue. This information can also be used to determine which cigars you ultimately go ahead and purchase!

Average content

To answer the question of how much nicotine is in a cigar, it’s perhaps best to give you the average figures, first and foremost. In an average cigar, the nicotine content can be anywhere between 100 and 200mg, which is fairly high when you consider that a single cigarette contains around 8mg of nicotine. So, if you were to run the numbers, if you smoke one cigar in its entirety, this is the equivalent to smoking a dozen cigarettes. Of course, where any individual cigar specifically lands within this range depends on its size.

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Content in largest cigars

So, now that we’ve quoted the average nicotine content in cigars, we may as well hit you with the most alarming statistic. Some of the largest cigars in the market, such as Double Coronas and Diademas, naturally have the highest levels of nicotine in them. Some reports even indicate that these larger cigars can have as much as 400mg of nicotine per cigar, which is a staggering figure, to be honest. To give you a comparison for reference, this would be the equivalent of smoking around a pack of cigarettes, which isn’t exactly the healthiest life choice.

But with this said, it’s also important to remember that larger cigars are never smoked in just one setting, not unless you’ve got a cigar smoking legend on the end of it. So really, while these might be viewed as poor in terms of nicotine content, it’s all relative.

Safety element

It’s no secret that nicotine levels are strongly linked with addiction. So, as you’ve no doubt guessed, the fact that cigars contain nicotine naturally means that there is a chance of addiction. However, some people believe that since cigar smoke isn’t usually inhaled, that nicotine levels don’t play a part in this equation. Let us dispel this myth now! Although cigar smoke isn’t inhaled, the smoke is maintained in the mouth, and therefore the nicotine can be absorbed through saliva glands.

Assuming you went and smoked a whole cigar that contained 100mg of nicotine, this would mean that the risks of addiction are far greater than they are with cigarettes - in theory. But the reality is that cigar smokers do so on a far less regular basis than cigarette smokers, which balances out the equation.

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Cigars with the least nicotine content

For people that are concerned about nicotine levels in cigars, or for those that are quite new to cigar smoking, it can be beneficial to seek cigars with low levels of nicotine. Of course, lower nicotine levels mean fewer risks of addiction, and arguably, it’s a healthier choice than going ahead and smoking some of the giant cigars. There are plenty of cigars with lower nicotine levels, we are happy to report, and some prime examples include the Ashton Classic as well as the Macanudo Cafe. The nicotine in cigarillos will always be lower since they are thinner and therefore less dense than others.


At this point, you should have a clear answer to the question of, do cigars have nicotine? The answer is a resounding yes, but the details reveal that nicotine content can vary greatly across the board. You should also have a decent understanding of how nicotine affects the body, and what the consequences are should you choose to smoke cigars with higher nicotine levels than others. This shouldn’t take away the enjoyment that you get from cigar smoking, but it should be something that you keep in mind.

And for those of you who want to find out a bit more information about some of the best cigars around right now, why not check out our reviews pages?

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How much tobacco is in a cigar?

Naturally, cigars contain tobacco, as well as nicotine. Larger cigars can contain upwards of half an ounce of tobacco, which is around 15 grams! However, the smaller cigars can have just a couple of grams of tobacco.

How much nicotine is in a cigarillo?

Cigarillos are smaller alternatives to some of the larger cigars out there, and they are usually smoked in packs since they are so small. In terms of nicotine content, they have some of the lower content levels available, often boasting levels around 100mg. This can vary, however, depending on the brand and style.

Do you get nicotine from cigars?

Nicotine in cigars is something that is clearly prevalent, and we don’t anticipate that this will change anytime in the near future. Although the smoke isn’t inhaled, the nicotine still makes its way into the bloodstream through your saliva glands. So, to answer the question, yes, you do ingest nicotine when you smoke cigars.

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