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How long does it take to smoke a cigar?

Smoldering Cigar with Ashes

To state the obvious right off the bat, not all cigars take the same length of time to smoke. Some can take just 15-20 minutes to smoke whereas others can take as long as 90 minutes. The reason that different cigars have different smoking times is because of the various cigar sizes that are out there, and even factors like a cigar ring gauge have an impact too. If this all sounds like Latin so far, don’t worry, we will clarify things in the next section.

The different cigar sizes and smoking times

As promised, we’d like to now dive deeper into the subject of cigar sizes and how this specifically impacts the smoke time.

15–20-minute smoke times

The quickest cigars to smoke can be any of the following - Perla, Half Coronas, Panetelas, or Entreactos. Of course, there are others that could also be included, but these are the more popular styles among seasoned cigar smokers. Now, the reason that these are the quickest to smoke is due to the length, gauge, and overall size of these cigars. Take a Half Corona, for example, it is a very slender cigar without being overly lengthy either.

This combination is what makes it a quick cigar to smoke, and depending on how regular you take a smoke, these cigars can even last as little as 10 minutes.

20-Minute Smoke Time.

30-minute smoke times

Cigars that take a good 30 minutes to smoke are generally suitable for beginners or intermediate cigar smokers. They usually have a thicker gauge than others such as Panetelas and Entreactos cigars, which naturally means that there is more tobacco inside the body of the cigar. These aren’t always lengthier than the cigars mentioned above, but they are almost always more sizable in terms of width.

Of all the cigar sizes currently available, these cigars generally rank as some of the smallest, which also makes them cheaper — generally speaking.

45-minute smoke times

If you’ve got a fair bit of time on your hands and you are somewhat experienced with cigar smoking, you might want to venture towards cigars in this category. If you needn’t any guidance on what’s to be expected for these cigars, you needn’t look much beyond the cute, Spanish slang names that many cigars of this category are given. Cigars such as Coronas Gordas, Gordito are very common here, and while they each have different names, most of them loosely translate to ‘fat’.

This shows the increase in the cigar ring gauge, and to add to this, these cigars can indeed be lengthier than those in the previous two categories. Since the cigars have more capacity than their immediate cousins, this naturally results in a longer smoking session, although it’s only advisable to purchase these if this is the kind of smoking time you are looking for.

30-Minute Smoke Times.

60–90-minute smoke times

Some cigar smokers see a 60–90-minute smoke time and think, no way, how can I spend that long smoking a cigar? Trust us, you can! These are usually cigars that are towards the higher end of the market, so you can expect bigger price tags here, as well as better brands we might add. Standard examples here include the likes of Churchill’s, Double Coronas, all of which are chunkier than those in previous categories. To gain an idea of how chunky they can be, just Google a photo of Winston Churchill - after all, where do you think the name came from?

And besides having obviously larger cigar sizes in this category, these usually have a different customer base too. In fact, it’s pretty common to see corporate executives and even politicians enjoying a 60–90-minute cigar, not only because of the status symbol but because they are usually in situations where a longer smoke time is appropriate.

90 minute or more smoke times

Our final category is almost solely reserved for those of you who are seasoned cigar smokers. Not only are these cigars much larger than all others, but they are also pricier, stronger, and they are more of an acquired taste than the rest. So unless you have plenty of experience, we wouldn’t specifically recommend purchasing cigars with 90+ minute smoke times. Nevertheless, this is still a category, and we’d like to share information on it.

60-90-Minute Smoke Times.

Two prime examples of cigar sizes that result in a 90+ minute smoke time include Gran Coronas and Diademas. You’ll also find that these cigars can be smoked at several intervals since they can be cut and then smoked at a later time. After all, there aren’t many cigar enthusiasts who can sit down and puff away for one hour and a half!

Final thoughts

After reading this information, we really hope that you are feeling more comfortable with the question, how long does it take to smoke a cigar? As stressed throughout, cigars can take various lengths of time to smoke, and it all depends on cigar sizes, their length, width, and even the types of tobacco that cigars are loaded up with. And if you’d still like some more information on this issue, we encourage you to investigate our cigar reviews!

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