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Best Full-Bodied Cigars

Full-Bodied Cigars.

Cigars are of different strength profiles. There are mild cigars, medium cigars, and of course full-bodied cigars. These different profiles depict how much nicotine or kick is in a cigar. The mild cigar has the lightest strength which makes it fit for a beginner. On the other hand, a full-bodied is full and packed with nicotine. But this type of cigars is much more than that. We would unravel the features and qualities of this cigar but only after we have shown you our best and top picks of top-rated cigars.

What Is a Full-Bodied Cigar?

They are the most top-rated cigars and they are also very popular (the most popular) among all other types. Being the strongest, it is also highly sorted after. This popular cigar has the highest nicotine level that brings you to a place of calmness and mind-relaxation level. It is also the strongest of all cigar profiles.

Most times, full-bodied cigars come out with the most flavor or the best taste. And although this is somewhat true, a full-bodied cigar is not the same as a full-flavored cigar. Some of these strong cigars can come with little flavor too depending on your taste.

Strong Cigars.

How To Choose The Best Full-Bodied Cigars?

Choosing the best full-bodied cigar requires a certain level of information. Why? Because there are too many types of full-bodied cigars. See the following as a buying guide when you decide to buy.

  1. Decide on what you want: This is the first thing you should do. A full-bodied cigar is much more than being the strongest. Some of them include the type of flavor, level (or depth) of flavor, volume of puff, aftertaste, and the texture on the tongue palate. When you have decided beforehand what you want in your cigar, you will be better prepared to make the best purchase.
  2. Look for reputable cigar brands: Next, check for cigar brand reviews online or ask around for which cigar brands best tasting cigars. This will guide you into knowing what physical or online store you should buy from.
  3. Compare prices: Check for the cigar you have chosen and compare the price with other brands. But be careful while doing this. Not all cheap cigars are worthy of purchase.
  4. Spend within your budget: Though a cigar is one of the greatest gifts of nature to us, still, it should not be worth going broke for. Plan your finances wisely and spend only within your budget. There are many pricy ones as well as affordable ones. And we guarantee you that you would find your favorite in both piles.
  5. Buy: The last step is to boldly pick the one you have chosen and pay for it. But remember that the game of choosing the great cigar is based on frequent tries. When you buy a type today, try another type tomorrow. You might end up having more than one favorite.

Features And Advantages of The Strongest Cigars

When a cigar is called full-bodied, it means the entire “body is full”. The body here refers to the following things:

  • Flavor: This has to do with the taste and aroma of the cigar. The flavor can go from sweet to woodsy, bitter, coffee, smoky, nutty, earthy, fruity, floral, and so on. However, note that full-body cigars are not the most flavorful cigars all the time.
  • Flavor Depth: This refers to how concentrated the flavor is. You can have it as bland, or with a hint of flavor. There are also overtones and a massive pour of cigar flavors. You can find all of these in a full-bodied cigar.
  • Texture: The body also comprises the texture of the cigar on the tongue palate when smoked. It can either be biting, smooth, creamy or otherwise. Some say that the best-tasting cigars are smooth on the tongue.
  • The volume of the smoke with puff: Some tend to believe that a full-bodied cigar has a full and thick puff, this is not always true. You can also find thin or generous puffs with the strongest cigars.
  • Cigar's aftertaste: Many think that a full-bodied cigar has a lengthened persistence in your tongue palate. But even some of the best strong cigars have a fast finish. It is still a feature.
  • Strength: This is the original meaning of full-bodied cigars. It is the strongest of all the other types - which means that it has the highest nicotine level.

Flavorful Cigars.

Advantages of Full-Bodied Cigars

Not only are these cigars popular, but they are also the most common cigar recommendations for those that want to fully enjoy the experience of cigar smoking. Though it doesn't mean that everything is packed, you are guaranteed to enjoy the best and highest strength of cigars. That is why it is of no surprise that this is some people's favorite cigar.


Though the best cigar is not a single type of cigar, still you can only find it within the stock of great cigars alone. And a full-bodied cigar is a great cigar. Start now by going through the long list of high-quality cigars we spoke about earlier.

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