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Best Flavored Cigars

Flavored Cigars.

Cigars have always been popular. It is known to be smoked by many people including celebrities and royalties. And one of the things people love about cigars is the diversity of their flavor, taste, look, strength, and body. When it comes to flavored cigars, the options are endless. In this post, we would find out more about flavored cigars, their features, and how to pick the best one when you decide to buy. We also have a full list of top flavored cigars in the table below. And we know that you would find one or two types that will be to your liking.

What Are Flavored Cigars?

Cigars are made from the fermentation and drying of some selected tobacco leaves. These leaves are then squished together to form the filler of the cigar. But when it comes to making a flavored cigar, an infusion process is necessary. It's why some people refer to them as infused cigars.

To make flavored cigars, essences of different flavors including fruit, coffee, or cognac are infused into the tobacco leaves through exposure and a special curing process. This process joined with exposure would then cause the tobacco leaves to adopt the flavor of the secondary ingredient.

Cigar flavors are not limited to coffee, fruit, or cognac alone. Other options include vanilla cigars, peach, chocolate, honey, cherry, grape, and so on. Some can also be a blend of two or more codependent flavors. And you can have it bold or slightly mellow — depending on you.

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How To Choose the Best-Flavored Cigars?

As a beginner in the game of sweet-tasting cigars, it is expected to be confused when you face the decision of which one to pick. When shopping for the best-flavored cigars, there are some things you need to look out for before buying.

  • Brand: This is the first criteria. You have to put into consideration - where you want to buy your sweet cigar from. Many brands make sweet cigars and if you are not careful enough, you can end up buying a bad cigar or a low-quality one. Before making a purchase, check online for trustworthy sweet cigar brands that have good reviews. This is so that you can secure a fresh, genuinely sweet-tasting cigar.
  • Size: After settling with the brand, you are buying your cigar from, the next thing to consider is the size of the cigar you want to buy. There are small cigars (called cigarillos) and big cigars.
  • Flavor: When you have made your choice of whether you want flavored cigarillos or cigars, then you can decide on what flavor appeals most to you. There are coffee-flavored cigars, vanilla-flavored cigars, cherry-flavored cigars, chocolate-flavored cigars, and so much more. But generally, flavors range from sweet (e.g., chocolate), to fruity (e.g., grape), to spicy (e.g., coffee or tea). So, make your choice and don't forget that you can always experiment with different flavors.
  • Price: The price of a cigar is dependent on different factors including brands, strength, size, or flavor. For example, a coffee-infused cigar would cost differently from a peach-flavored cigar.
  • Strength: The strength of cigars varies with brands, flavors, size, and price. Flavored cigars for beginners are better off milder than full-bodied.

Features And Advantages of Flavored Cigars

Here are some of the things you'd come across with flavor-infused cigars.

Best Flavored Cigars.

  • Flavored Cigarillos: Flavored cigarillos are the best-flavored cigars for beginners. They are small (like cigarettes) but fully loaded like a cigar. It is also easier to hold and smoke. They also come in different flavors from sweet to fruity, or floral, and spicy.
  • Mild and Full-bodied flavored cigars: This indicates the strength of the cigar. There are mild, medium, and full-bodied cigars. Mild cigars have the lowest strength and it is fit for starters. And full-bodied cigars have the highest strength that can knock out a beginner.
  • Cheap flavored cigars: You can also run into cheap flavored cigars that will cost surprisingly lower than expected. When it comes to these kinds of cigars, check for the quality first. Some cheap cigars are bad while some can be the best deal.
  • Mix-flavored cigars: Not all cigars come with one flavor. Some are a mix of two to three flavors. So, you can find yourself with a cigar that has coffee, chocolate, and a hint of cherry - don't be shocked.


If you have been used to the regular cigars, switch to sweet-tasting cigars. Not only do they have a sweet taste but they also give a different feeling when it is smoked. And don't forget to check through the list of some of the best sweet cigars we've hand-picked by ourselves.


How long will flavored cigars keep their flavor?

Cigars can keep their flavor for a very long time as long as they are well-stored in a humidor. Cigar's flavor can go as far as two to three years without losing taste or flavor.

When were flavored cigars invented?

Flavored cigars were found since the late 1990s but didn't gain popularity until 2007. Now, we have flavors of Apple, honey, menthol, rum, bubblegum, toffee, vanilla, and so on.

How flavored cigars are made?

Flavored cigars are made by exposing the tobacco leaves to a single or a mix of different flavor essence through a curing process. It involves the infusion of flavors into the tobacco leaves.

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