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Best Electric Humidor

Best Electric Humidor.

The primary function of a humidor is to store cigars at a consistent temperature. They maintain the moisture inside them and keep the cigar safe and fresh. Smart humidors have an enhanced humidifying ability. They have in-built fans that keep a constant temperature after storing your cigar in them.

These humidors can be made of different materials and are designed in diverse sizes that means there is a wide variety to explore. To make your selection process faster, we have compiled a list of the best electric humidors for you. The table below contains a well-scrutinized array of modern humidors that rank top among their peers.

What Is An Electric Humidor?

An automated humidor is an improved version of the regular ones. Unlike manual humidors, the electric one is automated and designed to store cigars in an even humidity and temperature. They are available in various shapes and sizes to suit your purpose. And they always feature a humidifier, Spanish cedar lining on the inside, and a hygrometer.

Cigar humidors powered by electricity operate with sensors that detect moisture on the outside. Instead of moisturizing the cigars regularly, you can easily automate the humidor to turn on the ventilator. Once the temperature attains the required level, the automatic humidor turns off.

A Man Choose Electric Humidor.

How To Choose an Electric Humidor?

  • Storage size: how many cigars do you intend to store in the humidor? That is one of the things to consider when determining the appropriate size of the humidor fridge. Also, consider the space where you want to put the cabinet. If you do not have enough space in your room, consider a small humidor.
  • The humidification system: Is the humidification system of the humidor adequate? The electric humidor has an inbuilt humidification feature that helps to maintain stored cigar humidity. Ensure you choose an electric humidor with an effective humidification system. We do not want you losing your precious cigars.
  • Style: Electronic cigar fridges come in different designs. Ensure you pick one that matches your taste and preference. You could decide to go for a classic look or a trendy style.
  • Your location: Some climate-controlled cigar storages are susceptible to fluctuations in temperature. They are not sophisticated to keep the temperature in a hot place. However, some of these electric coolers with humidifiers are stable. Even when there is a noticeable change in the weather, they adjust. You should select one that works regardless of climate change.

Features And Advantages of An Electric Humidor

  • A hygrometer: The hygrometer is used to measure the moisture level in the electricity powered humidor. It tells when there is a change in the temperature inside the cooler. A good hygrometer displays both the analog and digital measurement of the moisture level.
  • Electrified humidifier: The electric humidor usually comes with an electronic humidifier. Some humidification devices have to be charged and placed inside the humidor to enhance the humidity. Others are attached to the automated humidor from the manufacturer. That means you only have to turn on the humidifier. Without a proper humidifier, the smart humidor is just a fridge.
  • Spanish cedar lining: Spanish cedar retains moisture better than most of the other wood types. Since a humidor helps cigar humidification, the ones with Spanish cedar lining are the best.
  • Automated functions: A thermoelectric humidor cannot be complete without the automation ability. That feature makes the use less stressful and less time-consuming.
  • Thermostat: A cigar needs to be stored at an ideal temperature to keep it cool and fresh. The cooler or heater feature of the electric cigar fridge allows the temperature to be adjusted on the inside. It helps to keep both the humidity and temperature at a steady level.

Electric Humidor At Home.

How To Use an Electronic Humidor?

The electric cigar storage cooler is very easy to use. Although most come with instructions that you can easily follow, we will highlight the basic things you need to use them.

Setting up your electronic cigar refrigerator humidor.

  • Put a full glass of distilled water in the water tank inside the humidor
  • Switch on the inbuilt humidifier.
  • Connect the hygrometer.
  • Close the container lid.
  • Keep monitoring the moisture level through the hygrometer.
  • At 65 to 70 percent, you can store your cigar in the humidifier box.

Controlling The Humidity of The Humidifier Cigar Box

When the moisture level goes above 70 percent, you can reduce the distilled water in the holder. That will help reduce or control the humidity in the cabinet. To make the humidification process faster, expose the cabinet to direct sun with its seal open.

Electric Humidor On Table.


An electric humidifier is an excellent choice for cigar collectors. It is even more suitable for large collectors. That is because its features make the collection of a big cigar base easier. With its automated function, you can have a better cigar storage experience and less stress keeping your cigars in good shape.


How to season a humidor with an electronic humidifier?

Seasoning electric cigar coolers take one to two weeks. Set the humidifier to 70 percent for a week. After a week, set it about five percent less- somewhere between 65 to 68 percent. You can repeat the process one more time to ensure that the wood absorbs humidity.

The seasoning process has to be gradual to avoid exposing the wood to a sudden temperature. Leave the humidifier to the ideal moisture level and it will eventually become seasoned effectively.

How to set up an electronic humidor?

Setting up is easy. First, put a glass of distilled water inside the container. Then turn on the humidifier. After that, connect your hygrometer to the humidification device. Close the container lid and check the hygrometer periodically. When it reads 68-70 percent, you can fill your cigar storage.

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