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Best Cuban Cigars

Best Cuban Cigars.

Cuban Cigars are famous worldwide, and they are considered to be one of the very best cigars available in the market. These cigars are gotten from tobaccos which have been growing in Cuba for many years.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing some of the Best Cuban Cigars in the world.

What Are The Best Cuban Cigars?

The Best Cuban Cigars are cigars made from the finest tobacco – grown on the island of Cuba. Tobacco as a plant is mostly cultivated in Cuba, and it is really hard to find pictures of Cuba or anything related to Cuba where there isn't at least one person holding a Cuban Cigar.

Cuban Cigars are of the highest quality because of the combination of human knowledge and the finest tobacco; however, this is not the only reason. The marketing of these cigars also plays a crucial role. In the early part of the 20th century, Cuba became somewhat of a play area to many rich Americans, and Cuban Cigars were a way of identifying those who were really wealthy and successful in the U.S.

The History Of Cuban Cigars Is A Long One

Smoking tobacco has been a part of Cuban culture since the first time the island was recorded. A long time before Christopher Columbus first visited Cuba in 1492, he testified that many people on the island were smoking various forms of cigars. Spanning through the past centuries, the growing and rolling of cigars in Cuba have become something of an art. It was in the 19th century that the whole process evolved into a thriving industry.

Cuban Tabacco.

Cuba is considered the same with cigars, similar to how France is inter-twined with wine. As of today, the government is actively supervising the production of cigars in Cuba, and regulations have been put in place to ensure that the best kinds of cigars -without any flaws or defectiveness – are produced and rolled appropriately before they are either exported or sold locally.

The reputation that has been built upon Cuban Cigars has been maintained since the production of Cuban Cigars is directly under government supervision. Be that as it may, this also means that the government regulates supply and makes sure the prices stay high.

What sets Cuban Cigars apart from other kinds of cigars is the effort and processes involved in their production. The estimated number of steps required to produce a single proper Cuban Cigar is well over 100 steps. Although it has been centuries since the production of Cuban Cigars started, the Cuban Cigar production industry has not shifted from its underlying cigar-making procedures. This is what ensures that the quality stays the same and is exactly why Cuban Cigars stand out among other cigars.

A Drawback To Purchasing The Best Cuban Cigar

The only problem with Cuban Cigars is that they cannot be obtained easily. This is a fact that must be taken seriously because, for everything of quality, there is a counterfeit. The point being made here is that when you are not within the borders of Cuba, it is extremely difficult to purchase the Best Cuban Cigar. These very few cigars in the market did not prevent them from being the most sought-after cigars in the world. In the early part of the 1960s, President John F. Kennedy declared an economic embargo against Cuba, but before then, Cuban Cigars had already become very famous in the United States.

Although, after the declaration of the embargo, these cigars become more famous. Currently, in the United States, there are laws blocking the importation of Cuban Cigars; however, it is possible to visit Cuba in order to get these cigars. However, you don’t have to travel all the way to Cuba in order to purchase a Cuban Cigar. Today, you can get a Cuban Cigar in other places such as Canada, the

Dominican Republic, and Mexico. You can even find a very reputable store and shop for cigars online, especially with the development of online stores. Even today, Cuba is thought of as the country where the finest cigars are cultivated.

How Tobacco Is Cultivated In Cuba.

How Tobacco Is Cultivated In Cuba

Other subtle yet important contributors to the taste and smell of Cuban Cigars besides tobacco are the climate and soil. The tobacco used to make Cuban Cigars are grown in the remote western part of the Cuban island, and the temperature of that region is unique, and their soil is volcanic. This area in the western part of Cuba is near a town called San Luis and is known as the Vuelta Abajo area of Pinar del Rio Province.

The typical temperature of the Vuelta Abajo area of Pinar del Rio Province is 23 0C with 65% humidity, making it the perfect region for tobacco cultivation. Professionals also state that another contributor to the distinctive flavor of the Cuban Cigar is the higher nitrate concentration in that region. Other regions where tobacco is cultivated in Cuba include Valle de Viñales and the Villa Cara. In these regions, the tobacco seeds are usually planted in a greenhouse; then, after one month, they are moved to the fields, where they are left to grow for a space of four months. After harvesting the tobacco, the people working the fields pluck all the leaves and bundle them up.

After bundling the leaves together, the workers allow the leaves to dry for at least 45 days or, at most, 60 days. The next processes the leaves undergo include dampening, airing, and flattening before they are sorted and sent to cigar manufacturing plants.

The Effects Of Climate Change On Tobacco

Ramon Allones Auperiores Cuban Cigars.

Winter in Cuba is a dry season, and it is the perfect time for tobacco to be grown and harvested. Therefore, if there is an alteration in the climate, it could affect tobacco cultivation just like it will affect the cultivation of other crops around the world. Whenever there is excess rainfall, the soil in Western Cuba is usually marshy, and this poses a problem for people who cultivate tobacco, just like when the climate becomes windy.

Experts state that while a change in climate does not do much to alter the bottom line of the cigar industry in Cuba, it can affect the quality and production of cigars. As a countermeasure, tobacco cultivators began to design new houses to dry their tobacco using metal roofs instead of wood to protect against excessive rainfall and wind.

Another modification that the tobacco cultivators included is the construction of concrete floors on the barns used to store the tobacco, which aids in controlling humidity. Furthermore, bricks have been constructed in the tobacco plantations to increase humidity levels, and turbines are built to produce heat for when the temperature becomes excessively cold.

Cuban Cigars Are Hand-Rolled

The premium Cuban Cigars are called Habanos, and they are rolled by professionals -called “lorcedores” – who roll up to 200 cigars within 24 hours. There’s a chance that you can meet some lorcedores when you visit Cuba, and watching them work is such a delight.

Cuban Cigars Are Hand Rolled.

Rums Pair Well With Cuban Cigars

Compared to other alcoholic drinks and spirits, Cuban Cigars matches best with rum. You can try this combination and enjoy an enjoyable mix of flavors. When you pair the right rum with the right Cuban Cigar, it’s almost like pairing the right food with the perfect wine.

Are There Fake Cuban Cigars?

Since Cuban Cigars are generally expensive, fake ones are being produced and distributed in various locations worldwide, including Cuba. If anyone approaches you trying to sell you a cigar, it is advised that you don’t purchase any from them. Furthermore, don’t try to purchase Cuban Cigars in the black market because you might get a cigar and one at a great price, but in the end, the cigar you purchased might not be an actual Cuban Cigar or the Best Cuban Cigar. A lot of tourists to Cuba had parted with their money in the name of purchasing cigars when what they purchased were cigars made by machines. Find a reputable dealer in Cuban Cigars if you want to purchase one. One major way to know that what you are purchasing is not a Cuban Cigar is by the price. The cost of a Cuban Cigar starts around 7 dollars and goes up to hundreds of dollars depending on the brand.

How To Choose The Best Cuban Cigars?

To choose the Best Cuban Cigars, these are some of the things to consider:

Romeo Y Julieta Cuban Cigars.

  1. Brand: The brand of any Cuban Cigar is what tells you the processes involved in the manufacture of the cigar. Each brand has a different blend of ingredients that create its flavors. Some of them include Partagas, Cohiba, Montecristo, H. Upmann, Romeo y Julieta, Hoyo de Monterrey, Punch, and La Gloria Cubana.
  2. Size: Cuban Cigars are usually very big cigars, and most of them measure around and above 4.50”x50 in size. Cuban Cigars are definitely what you should go for if you want to have a delightful and long smoke.
  3. Aroma: Various Cuban Cigars have various aromas. You will find leather, floral, citrus, earth, and spices in some which, put together, give these cigars their pleasant and rich soothing to your nose and palate.
  4. Vitola: This refers to the shape of a cigar. The vitola of a cigar can sometimes impact the strength and burning type of a cigar. If you want to find out what vitola best appeals to you, look for the brand that best matches your taste.

Features and Advantages of the Best Cuban Cigars

  1. Produced from Cuban tobacco.
  2. A single Cuban Cigar packs nicotine available in a cigarettes pack.
  3. They burn with a greyish black ash.
  4. They are usually expensive (anywhere from $7 to over $100).

Cuban Man Smokes Cuban Cigar.


Some of the finest Cuban Cigars are produced from Cuban tobacco, and they are some of the highest quality cigars you can find. When next you walk into a retail cigar store looking for Cuban Cigars, be sure that the store is has built a reputation of selling quality cigars, so you don't make the mistake of purchasing a fake Cuban Cigar.


Are Cuban Cigars really best?

Without any doubt, Cuban Cigars are the best kind of cigars. Tobacco has been growing in Cuba for over a century, and you get your money's worth from smoking a Cuban.

How to spot fake Cuban Cigars?

If you want to identify fake Cuban Cigars, look out for any of the following; prices are low, no proper packaging, the sizes of the cigars in the box don’t match, and the ashes are gray when they burn.

What are Cuban Cigars made of?

Cuban Cigars are made of Cuban tobaccos, unlike other kinds of cigars that combine various blends of tobacco. The tobacco and production process are what result in the premium prices of Cuban Cigars

What makes Cuban Cigars so special?

One thing that smokers of Cuban Cigars enjoy is the feeling of relaxation they get when they smoke. These are cigars made from Cuban tobacco, and they offer a blend of rich flavor and aroma.

How are Cuban Cigars made?

Planted late in the year, the tobacco plants are then grown for four months before farmers come to pick off their leaves. These leaves are left to dry for about two months, after which they can be rolled.

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