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Best cigars for beginners

Cigars For Beginners.

If you’re new to smoking or you’re trying to develop your palate, the best way to do that is to start off with mild cigars. In this article, we will be looking at the best cigars for beginners.

What Are the Best Cigars for Beginners?

Have you ever thought about what it would feel like to light up a cigar and smoke? Have you ever imagined that you would be smoking but you didn’t have any idea where to begin and who to seek for counsel? You have finally gotten your chance because we will be telling you all that you should know about the best cigars for beginners and how to enjoy and appreciate the taste and smell of it.

Before we begin to talk about smoking a cigar in actuality, let us start by explaining what happens within a cigar.

What Makes a Cigar?

The major thing that makes a cigar is tobacco. At the core of every cigar stick, is what is known as the filler tobacco which is bound together by what is called a binder and then, rolled around the binder is what is referred to as the wrapper.

Best Cigars For Beginners.

What’s A Good Price to Pay for A Cigar?

Just like it is with every other commodity, you get the exact quantity or quality that your money can afford. Be that as it may, that you spent a lot of money on a pricey cigar does not mean that you will have an enjoyable smoking experience. Taste differs from person to person and there’s a chance that the expensive cigar you bought does not suit your taste buds and you might relish the taste of a budget cigar if you know the right one to get.

What Are the Types of Cigars?

The thing is, there are majorly two types of cigars. The long cigars are relatively more expensive because they are made with hand and they have long tobacco fillers in them, which as a consequence, gives these cigars their length. The rolling of the filler tobacco leaves, followed by the binder, and then finally, the wrapper is done by people who are experienced in the craft to ensure that you get an unforgettable time while smoking.

There are some brands however, who use machines to bunch the long filler tobacco leaves together and then roll the outer wrapper over it by hand. Rolling wrappers by hand is what gave rise to the term, “hand-rolled cigars”.

The short cigars on the other hand, are made by machines and they make use of filler tobacco leaves that are short (most of them are composed of only pieces of those tobacco leaves, not the main tobacco).

Types Cigars For Beginners.

How To Cut a Cigar?

Before talking about cutting a cigar, you need to understand why a cigar has to be cut. The reason is to create an opening that is satisfactory for smoking. Cutting the cigar requires skill, as a beginner, you must be careful not to damage the cigar while trying to cut the head. With enough practice, you can get better at it.

There are various kinds of cigar cutters. They include pierce cutters, V-cutters, and guillotine cutters. Cigar afficionados claim that when you cut your cigar with a V-cutter or a pierce cutter, a tar is left on the opening which ultimately means that the guillotine cutter is the best cigar cutter to get.

In order not to damage your cigar, about 1/6th of the cap is what you should cut. Also make sure that you don’t cut the cigar hastily because even the best cigar will be destroyed when not cut appropriately.

How To Light a Cigar?

Man Smoking Cigars For Beginner.

The process of lighting a cigarette is not the same as lighting a cigar. Follow these steps to properly light a cigar.

  1. Hold the cigar close to the flame and above it while lighting. Make sure that the flame and the cigar don’t meet. When you burn a cigar directly, they become too hot.
  2. When you let the flame touch the cigar, begin to roll the cigar so that the flame meets every area at the tip. Do this slowly until the whole tip is burning.
  3. Put the cigar in your mouth and draw your first smoke.

How To Smoke a Cigar?

The way to smoke a cigar is also different from a cigarette. The flavor of the cigar is something that only your mouth should savor – do not breathe in the smoke. Furthermore, you take some time in-between each smoke because when you smoke at a fast pace, your smoke will burn faster and you will not enjoy it.

If, on the other hand, you smoke too slow, the flame will go off and you will have to keep lighting the cigar, again and again. It is also not necessary to twitch the ashes off the cigar if it is not about half-an-inch to one inch long, except in the case where you are outside your house.

Features Of The Best Cigars For Beginners

How To Appreciate a Cigar?

What makes a difference between an average cigar and a premium one for you is whether or not you like the taste. The idea of best cigar for beginners is entirely dependent on who is consuming the cigar which in this case, is you.

How to choose the best cigars for beginners (Tips for buying)

If you’re a beginner, here are some things you need to know before choosing a cigar:

  • Observe the wrapper: If the wrapper has any gaps, cracks or tears on them, then it is not a good cigar. A good cigar always has a good exterior.
  • Uniform color: when you purchase a cigar from the store and you find that there are spots on them or some parts are darker than others, it is not a good cigar.
  • Feel: A good cigar should feel firm when you squeeze it a little. If the cigar sizzles or cracks then you should return it.
  • Smell: When you want to purchase a cigar from the store, ask for permission to sniff it. If it smells nice to you, chances are that the taste would be good.

Cigar For Beginner.

Features Of the Best Cigars for Beginners

  • They do not crack when you squeeze them.
  • They comprise of filler tobaccos – inner part of the cigars – and the binders – layers of the cigar whose purpose is to retain moisture.
  • They are not too strong so you won’t have a problem smoking them.
  • Have rich varying flavors such as spices, wine, and chocolate.


If you’re new to smoking and are looking to get the best tasting cigars from the finest cigar brands, then you should get use the information on the best cigar for beginners in this article. You are sure to get some of the best flavored cigars for beginners and a lot of them are the best budget cigars you can find.


What are good cigars for beginners?

The best kind of cigars for you if you are a beginner, are mild cigars. An important aspect of smoking is being able to appreciate the flavor of the cigars. mild cigars cannot overwhelm you.

What is a mild cheap cigar for beginners?

Beginner cigars are usually generally affordable – this is characteristic of most mild cigars. The Ashton Classic, Padron, Macanudo Café, Arturo Fuente are some of the affordable cigars available.

How much does a cigar cost?

The finest cigars cost between $2 and $50 for a single stick. The difference in the prices of cigars is determined by their quality. Cheap cigars are definitely not on par with premium ones.

If you’re new to smoking or you’re trying to develop your palate, the best way to do that is to start off with mild cigars. In this article, we will be looking at the best cigars for beginners.

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