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How To Use Cigar Humidor.

Do you have a cigar humidor? If not, how are you storing cigars? Some people keep their cigars in the original packaging and store them in cellophane, while others use zip-lock bags. But ultimately, the decision is up to you and what works best for your needs.

Do you know the perfect way to retain moisture in your cigars? Well, humidors are the answer. A humidor box help retain moisture and prevents dryness for your cigars. They come in a range of sizes and styles, which means that there is one perfect for everyone.

The humidor humidity will vary depending on its size and how often it's opened, but the most common range is between 68-72%. It ensures that both new and old cigars stay fresh without any issues of drying out or getting too wet. When looking for an electric humidor, a good rule of thumb is to look at what other people use and buy the same one. Below are pictures of the best humidors

Modern Cigar Storing

It's critical to keep your cigars humidified, primarily if you reside in a cold-weather or desert region where too much dry air can quickly dry out your smokes.


A Humidor is a box that helps keep the moisture consistent and maintain the freshness of cigars. Especially during wintertime, where humidity drops, humidors for cigars can do miracles!

If you have an average of ten cigars per week, purchase a humidor that holds around 50-75 cigars. If you do not plan to smoke that many at once, it's best to get the size that suits your need. The most important thing is to look at how much space it is inside for air to circulate and keep your cigars at their freshest. The best budget humidor costs around $40-$1000, depending on the type.

Cigar Humidor Accessories.

How To Store Cigar In Humidor

  • In a cigar humidifier, use distilled water. Mold flourishes in tap water, which leads to mineral accumulation.
  • Monitor cigars weekly for any symptoms of fungus and check humidor humidity levels.
  • If feasible, keep all of your cigars in the same newair humidor. As oils combine and melt in the humidor, the best humidor brand can change the flavor.
  • If you need the tastes to mingle, get rid of cellophane wraps before keeping cigars in the humidor.
  • For perfect humidity for cigars, they should not be stacked too firmly on one another. Stagger the rows to let airflow amongst each cigar.
  • For a quality humidor, use distilled water. Fungus thrives in tap water, which can lead to inorganic buildup.
  • Keep the cigars securely sealed in the cigar box humidor for an extended time; they may develop a musty odor.
  • Every 6 months, rotate the spot of the cigars in the cigar humidor box to ensure ideal humidity for humidor.
  • Examine the cigars for indication of mildew, cracking regularly. Crush the cigar's bottom to make sure it's still elastic.
  • Depending on the size of your assortment, you'll need a humidor that's the right size. An electric humidor should not be overstuffed or understuffed.

Buy A Hygrometer And A Humidistat

These devices are considered a must-have for all cigar lovers because they keep your cigars in prime condition and safe from damage due to heat and dryness (both caused by lack of humidity).

A digital humidor hygrometer is a device used to measure the amount of moisture in the air. On the other hand, a humidistat additionally measures humidor temperature and regulates it and moistures content. The humidistat can be set at different humidity levels and turn itself off when it reaches that desired humidity level.

Accessories For Cigar Humidor.

Since most unique humidors come with a built-in hygrometer, there is no need to purchase one unless you have an old-fashioned cedar box that does not have one. If you buy an extra one, make sure to calibrate it every two or three months.

Must Have Cigar Humidor Accessories

To get the best cigar humidor, you need to have a few accessories. Cigar aficionados love their accessories and always look for new items, often making their lives easier.

But most people don't realize how much is needed around the home to ensure that cigars are stored in the best possible conditions. If you want to buy top-rated humidors or upgrade your existing ones, you need a few accessories. Here are the must-have humidifier accessories:


A cigar humidifier is an item you will not need to use all of the time, but it is worth having in place. A humidifier for humidor help maintains ideal humidity for cigars so that your cigars retain their moisture and don't dry out. When choosing a humidifier for sale, there are two options: solution or crystals.

The solution is more cost-effective than crystals; however, you will need to ensure that the humidifier is safe if you buy the solution. If crystals are used, you should expect them to last longer, but they can irritate when they clog up in the water reservoirs. The only way to remove this is to clean it manually with a cloth. If you have a large humidors collections, you may want to go for a humidifier with multiple water reservoirs.

Desktop Humidor.

Palm Humidor Solution

If you will be storing your cigars in a humidor in a traditional manner, it is worth investing in some solution. Traditional storage involves keeping hygrometers inside the humidors at all times to maintain a relative humidity of around 68%.

The solution can be purchased from most cigar accessory retailers and is used by adding a few drops into the water reservoirs in your big humidor. The solution is absorbed when they come into contact with the distilled water.


A hygrometer is a device designed to measure the amount of moisture in the air. The ability to accurately and efficiently read your cigars' humidity levels can be vital in maintaining their freshness and flavor, so it's no surprise that cigar enthusiasts place such a high priority on large humidors and accessible accessories.

One of the things you'll need to consider when choosing first-class humidors is whether or not it comes equipped with an accurate hygrometer.

Cigars And Accessories In Humidor.

Cigar Cutter

A cigar cutter is necessary to enjoy a nice, smooth smoke. If you don't already have one, it's an accessory to look for when buying your first cigar humidifier box. Many types of cutters vary in style and price. The only thing measured in cigars is their ring gauge, which is the width of the cigar at its widest point. The best cutter for you will be the one that fits your personalized cigar humidors, feels good to use, and won't damage them or yourself.

Types Of Humidors

There are three distinct types of humidors:

  • The desktop humidor, which is usually made of wood and has an enclosure to house your cigars.
  • The travel humidor holds between 5-10 cigars, using a smaller case with rubber seals to keep humidity in.
  • Tabletop or cube humidors.

Cigars Near Humidor.

Desktop humidor

The desktop humidor is the best humidor for beginners its made up of wood, but cedar is the most common choice. The interior of the desktop humidor is lined with Spanish cedar, which serves two purposes: It absorbs humidity slowly while allowing the enclosure to breathe, and it provides a place for essential oils to collect. Essential oils are released from the cedar over time and provide additional flavor while also protecting against damage from tobacco beetles.

For proper function, a desktop humidor should have a hygrometer to measure humidity for cigars inside the enclosure and an analog or digital humidifier to add moisture when needed. You may also use tiny sponges and distilled water inside the best small humidor to maintain humidity.

Travel humidor

A traveling cigar humidor is made of wood, aluminum, plastic, or other sturdy material that can be tightly sealed. There are different designs for travel cigar cases that can accommodate one cigar up to ten cigars. The most important part of the design is that the interior has a seal to keep air and humidity. However, some cases use a gel or chemical solution for humidification for humidifier rather than an external device.

Travel Humidor.

Tabletop humidor

A tabletop humidor is a cool humidor that comes with a built-in hygrometer and humidifier. The difference between a tabletop unit and a desktop is that the tabletop is designed to produce its climate with the humidity produced by the wood itself. Although, some units may require an external device to keep the best humidity for cigars in or increase if needed.

Tabletop humidors are great because they offer additional storage space for those who have a collection. They also eliminate the need to measure the humidity or monitor it because it has a cigar cooler humidor. The only disadvantage of tabletop humidors is that they require more frequent maintenance to keep optimal humidity levels.

How To Choose The Best Cigar Humidor?

A cigar humidor is a significant accessory for cigar lovers. It provides a place for storing cigars, which will protect them from damage and drying out. Cigar humidors come in many different shapes, sizes, qualities, and prices.

The very best choice would be an expensive room-sized cabinet made of cedar and lined with Spanish cedar, but those would be better used as a display humidor cabinet rather than bought simply for cigar storage. Before you buy the cigar humidor, this is what you should consider:

Cigars In Humidor.

Size Of Cigar

Before buying a cigar humidor, you should consider the amount of cigars you are planning to store. It will affect the size needed and how often you plan on checking the humidity level inside when maintaining it.

The basic rule when purchasing a humidor is for every 25 cigars kept, one cubic foot of space is required. It will provide enough space to keep the humidity at the correct level without having too much excess room, which can decrease the efficiency of your humidor.

Portability Of Cigar Humidors

Are you a frequent traveler? Do you own a small cigar assortment that is too small for a large cigar humidor, such as a glass humidors cabinet? If this is the case, you have to contemplate on buying a portable humidor. It's convenient because it's lightweight, compact, and simply transportable.

Choose a wood that works perfectly

Cigar humidors can from various wood species. Every type of wood has its unique properties; however, cigar lovers tend to favor certain woods over others for one reason or another. Before selecting the best cigar humidor, mind the wood type.

Wood Humidor.

Choose a humidor with a fitted seal

These are airtight containers that prevent the cigars from drying out and becoming ruined. They also allow for easier storage of multiple cigars, which helps avoid damage or flavor contamination by other cigars while keeping them together in one location.

Learn to know a cheap cigar humidor

Learn to know fake and cheap humidors. Expensive humidors last for several years, so it's crucial to check the quality.

  • Keep an eye on the cost. It's usually inexpensively built and unreliable if it seems too decent to be true.
  • The bulk of high-quality humidors are made from Spanish cedar and; selling them for a cheap price doesn't make sense.
  • Check the humidor reviews of an online store or individual (such as on eBay) to know what cigar buyers say about the humidor.
  • Don't take a chance on a low-cost model because you could end up ruining your cigar collection.

Cigar Humidor.


If you are interested in cigar smoking, then a humidor will probably be one of the first investments you make. It's also likely that after your purchase, you will want more information on how best to maintain it and what accessories are available for this purpose. Our blog post has covered all of these topics, and we hope our tips will help you purchase a premium cigar humidor.


What is a humidor?

A humidor is essentially a wooden box used to maintain humidity. Traditionally, people would place their cigars in the cigar humidifier box with some humidity source, allowing them to maintain their humidity level. However, with modern technology, high-end humidors may now work better than the homemade humidor design.

How does a humidor work?

After seasoning, it's critical to check the humidity level regularly to ensure proper humidity. Some humidors should be kept out of direct sunlight, but this depends on the brand and type. Additionally, you should rotate your cigars every couple of weeks to achieve an even distribution.

How to set up a humidor?

Here are steps on what you have to do:

  • Hygrometer Standardization.
  • Fill up the Humidification part with water.
  • Humidify the interior of the humidor.
  • Calculate the Humidity.
  • Fill Your Humidor with Cigars.
  • Maintain it regularly.

How to use a cigar humidor?

The following list outlines the steps to use your humidor:

  • Cleaning - Use distilled water to clean and condition your humidor after taking it out of storage. Prepare a 50/50 solution of half distilled water and half propylene glycol and pour it into the humidifier. Distilled water works very well for this purpose.
  • Humidifying - After conditioning the inside of your humidor, place thin strips of raw wood (like cedar or pine) on the bottom of your humidor and place a thin layer over the cedar separators. The natural wood acts as a magnet for holding moisture and will help rejuvenate the inside of your unit.
  • Lighting — After placing the raw wood strips, you can now light your humidifier.

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