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Best Boutique Cigars

Boutique Cigars.

If you think you know all there is to know about cigars, you are most likely mistaken. The world of cigars is as wide as the entire solar system, and every day, more and more smoke types hit the market. And if you have ever had the chance to enter a fully packed cigar store, chances are that you have heard of boutique cigars. They seem to cost a lot, are scarce, and for some reason, are usually compared to premium cigars. What are they? And which is the best one?

In this article, you’ll learn what boutique cigar brands are, the features and their advantages over other cigar types, as well as how to choose the best boutique cigars. We also have a table below with some of the best cigars you can choose from. Why not check that out too.

What Are Boutique Cigars?

Boutique Cigars are not a type of cigar made from one tobacco type or one company as most people believe. They are also not about the size, shape, or quality of cigars in a pack. They are more about how they are made and in what quantity. That’s why you’ll see all over the net that many boutique cigars are very expensive and called ‘the best when compared to the regular cigars.

Dapper Cigar La Madrina.

Boutique cigars are simply tobacco cigars that are produced in limited quantity so that they are scarce and not enough to go around. They can also be referred to as small-batch cigars. They are made with meticulous care, given quality touch, and most likely hand-rolled. That’s why it is difficult to find a company making boutique cigars - there is no time.

Most boutique cigar brands are owned by a family of cigar lovers who take their time to grow the tobacco, dry the leaves, and craft out the cigar carefully through a long process of utmost care and attention. Everything is done with intentionality and careful consideration. It is why the cigars are produced in small quantities, have a slower production rate, and seem to be more expensive.

How To Choose the Best Boutique Cigars?

Except you know exactly what you want by experience, you might be overwhelmed when you find so many choices of boutique cigars. And most times, beginners don’t know where to start. With this buying guide, you would be able to find and choose the best boutique cigars from the most quality cigar brands. All you have to do is follow the steps below and you would be able to make the best choice in any cigar shop.

Man Smoking Boutique Cigars.

  • Size: Boutique cigars can either be thick, thin, long, or short. The size generally determines the smoking time. Some cigars can be smoked for 2 long hours, and some others for about 30-45 minutes. Choosing the size of your cigar determines how long your cigar would last when smoking.
  • Body: The body of a cigar refers to strength. As a beginner, you should be going for mild cigars. But if you are a fully-experienced cigar smoker looking to venture into boutique cigars, then you can choose full-bodied cigars.
  • Shape: Not all cigars are rounded and cylindrical. Some have one pointy end, and others have two pointy ends. A few other types of cigars have irregular shapes. Many prefer to take note of the shape of their cigar just because of how it looks.
  • Flavor: Not all boutique cigars are flavored. So, if you want a little sweetness to your cigar, choose flavored or flavor-infused ones. Cigar flavor notes range from sweet to floral, to nutty depending on your pick.
  • Look for warning signs: Finally, you need to make sure that the cigar you are buying hasn’t already gone bad. If it's a physical store, look for cracks or signs of dryness. And if it is an online store, check for reviews of the manufacturer.

Features And Advantages of Boutique Cigars

Boutique cigars are different from other cigar types in the following ways:

Boutique Micallef Cigars.

  • They are in limited quantity: This is the first feature of a boutique cigar. They are usually not produced in mass quantity because they are made by hand. This makes the production process slow with unableness to produce a lot. But don’t be fooled, this makes it more quality.
  • The Price: Most boutique cigars are more expensive due to the individuality of their manufacturing process. It takes more carefulness to make a boutique cigar, so it is classified as special and hence, pricier.
  • They are from unknown cigar brands: You would rarely find boutique cigars made by the largest cigar companies. And even if they were, the boutique cigars would be produced by a small brand under the company. That’s why they are not usually with common names. But their quality makes up for the lack of name recognition.


Though boutique cigars tend to be more costly, they are worth it due to their many advantages. If you have never tried a boutique cigar before, you should try one today. And the best part of it all is that you’ll taste a cigar that was made with every hint of intention, consideration, care, and attention. Spice up your cigar also, and add a little flavor if you’d like.

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