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Benefits Of Cigar Smoking

Benefits Of Smoking Sigar.

Despite the long list of health risks attached to cigars, statistics still say many people smoke cigars every day. And it does not stop there. Cigar lovers are increasing by numbers each day. Are there any side effects of smoking cigars? Are there some health benefits that we don’t know about? This guide will provide answers to all the above questions. It will also clear the confusion between cigars, cigarettes, and cigarillo. So, if you are ready to find out the benefits of cigar smoking, and why a lot of people can’t seem to stop smoking one cigar a week, read on.

Do Cigar has Tobacco and What Is a Cigar?

A cigar is tobacco rolled in tobacco. It’s a long, thick, cylindrical roll of fermented and dried tobacco leaves. So, do cigars have tobacco? Hell yes, it does. The tobacco used to make cigars has three types. These three types of tobacco leaves are what dictate the taste and flavor of the cigar. Therefore, the leaves differ in every cigar brand. The types are:

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  • The Filler: This is the bulk of the cigar. It is the ‘fermented and dried leaves’ we mentioned at the beginning of this guide. It isn’t densely packed as many believe, instead, air passageways are allowed so that the smoke can pass through the cigar length when it is drawn. The filler can either be made from varieties of filler tobacco leaves or a single one. Also, the fatter the cigar, the more blend and flavor that can be created.
  • The Binder: This is the tobacco leaf that binds the filler tobacco leaves together. It is thick, has an uneven color distribution, and isn’t smooth. Binder tobacco leaves are usually selected for their elasticity and durability.
  • The Wrapper: It is the outermost layer of the cigar - the one that holds the brand’s band. It comes in different shades of brown and black, which indicates the type of tobacco, its age, and the level of fermentation. Black or darker shades of cigar wrapper have a sweet touch to the taste of the cigar, while or lighter shades add dryness.

Cigar Vs Cigarette Vs Cigarillo

Nonetheless, they are usually confused with each other, and it would be best to know the difference between them all before continuing to the benefits of smoking. Cigar, as mentioned earlier is a thick roll of dried and fermented tobacco leaves bonded and wrapped with other types of tobacco leaves. When smoking a cigar, the smoke is not inhaled. Instead, the cigar is simply puffed and the smoke is to be tasted. Cigarillo is a smaller version of a cigar, usually thinner, and longer. The difference between a cigar and a cigarillo is that the wrapper of a cigarillo is most times made from materials containing tobacco instead of the tobacco itself. Cigarettes, on the other hand, are thin and long rolls of dried tobacco leaves wrapped with a material that does not contain tobacco. Cigarettes also contain less nicotine than cigars or cigarillos.

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The Benefits of Smoking a Cigar

Many people have asked: are there any benefits to smoking? And we are here to answer that question. Yes, cigars smoking does have advantages. This is usually a surprise to many non-smokers because of the endless list of cigar health risks including cancer, tendency to be addicted, teeth loss, and so on. So what are the benefits of smoking? Below are four concrete advantages of cigars.

A Relaxed State of Being

The main reason we have cigar lovers is because of the highly underestimated sense of relaxation you derive. While you spend time with your beloved cigar, you can have deep thoughts, while remaining calm. The tufts of smoke can also be comforting.


Cigar smoking has been familiarized with class and high beings since the beginning of time. So, if you want to look classy in that next outing with friends, ditch the cigarettes and grab a cigar. Plus, you’ll get better vibes.

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Brings People Together

The cigar has been a part of every gathering (whether it is a wedding, an anniversary celebration, or an outing with friends). It is a symbol of friendship and the joy of sharing the experience.

Every Process Is a Skill

Cigar smoking is more than putting the stick in your mouth. The entire process from cutting to lighting it, and cuffing it is a skill that needs to be perfected. Therefore, it becomes a hobby rather than just a way to pass the time. Additionally, the process is a good conversation starter when you are among cigar smokers. No wonder a lot of people love to smoke cigars. It brings a feeling that cannot be gotten from any other source.


Now, you should know what is a cigar is, what it is not, and some of the benefits of cigar smoking. So, if you have learned a thing or two and you want to continue adding to your experience level with smoking, then don’t pass up this opportunity. Join our family of cigar lovers. We always share helpful and quality cigar reviews that beats the charts. And we are sure that you’ll find one that suits your taste and budget.

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Get answers to some frequently asked questions on cigar smoking and its benefits.

Why do people smoke cigars?

People smoke cigars for several reasons. First, it brings a sense of relaxation to the mind. It is also greatly identified with class and royalty. Some other people smoke cigars because of the taste, aroma, and flavor it brings.

What do cigars do?

A cigar is made up of dried and fermented tobacco leaves wrapped again with tobacco. The smoke contains nicotine that helps to relax the mind and ease the nerves. It also births a sense of inner peace and thus, that’s what a cigar does.

Are cigars bad for your health?

Cigars have their side effects as with every tobacco product. But it also has great benefits that make cigar smoking an enjoyable activity.

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