Anwer Bati

Anwer Bati Portrait


I have carved a niche for myself in the American literary scene as I try to build a legacy with each release. I am proficient in journalism, filmmaking, and creative writing. As an author and famous culture enthusiast, I have been writing for decades, but my star has shone brightest in the past few years.

I pride myself on being the epitome of versatility, as I have written bestsellers in numerous niches and do not think I am going anywhere anytime soon. My fans are from all walks of life, from different parts of the world, and have an array of professions. I will be showcasing my love for the finer things and how I put such thoughts on paper for the public to savor and truly appreciate.

Professional practice, experience, and interests

I have written numerous books on various topics ranging from sports, culinary, tech, travel, and cigars. I have developed a way with words that keep readers coming back for more, evidenced by my solid 3.60 average rating on Goodreads. Not every author in my niche can boast of writing bestsellers in numerous subgenres; however, I do not consider myself "one of the bottles"; I try very hard to build up my resume.

A book that I am immensely proud of writing is “The Cigar Companion”. It happens to be one of the most complete and best-researched cigar publications out there, and it is a true asset for cigar enthusiasts and people looking to know more about the symbol of status. I have also written other well-received books such as “Porto” (Thomas Cook Pocket Guides), “The Essential Cigar: A Book for Connoisseurs”, and many others.


I love penning thought-provoking pieces on the best aspects of luxury, of which finely chopped cigars is an intricate part. That's a key reason why I am so eager to share my immensely researched knowledge with millions of people worldwide, of which writing has proved a suitable medium. I am keen to add my wealth of knowledge to the fields I pen pieces on, areas that are sadly still on the periphery of pop culture.

Please do not try to find me on social media, as I love keeping a low profile. So you'll have to purchase a couple of my texts to find out more about me. You could also check out my website for more info about my art and travels.