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Cigarzoid is a website that is sold out to provide quality and quick reviews on cigars and their accessories. We have been working since the beginning of 2021. Our site contains only relevant and well-structured information for our readers. Presently, our site includes countless reviews and articles from our team of experts. And we always do a regular check and provide timely updates on those reviews. We know that the cigar industry is a versatile one and there is always a new development on a make, type, brand, and kind of cigar. That is why our reviews provide good guidance that is needed to lead both newcomers and experienced users into picking the right cigar. To us, cigars are more than just a product, it is a rolled-up piece of wonder that can calm any troubled mind or ease its user into the day’s life challenges.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help, lead, and guide both new and experienced users of cigars into making the best decisions when choosing and buying. We do this by providing regular reviews, smoke tips, and simplified guidelines with authentic resources. Our goal is to become trusted enough to be seen as a safe spot where cigar-lovers can meet, hang out, and be free to create a community where everyone can express their love for cigars. We also aim to be reputable enough so that our tips, pieces of advice, resources, and reviews can be trusted. We want our content to be the primary guide for our readers (you) into making better-informed decisions.

Our Team

All our articles were written by our team of cigar experts who are dedicated and well-equipped with the knowledge of how a cigar is made, used, how it feels, and the chemical result of cigar production. They provide articles on cigar types, tips, and health benefits. And they do this as timely, and quickly as possible. Therefore, you can trust that all our articles are accurate, complete, thorough, helpful, truthful, and relevant to help you navigate your way into the world of cigars.

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Our Advantages

We might not be the only one providing cigar reviews online, but we have a few things that make us stand out among the crowd. And we refer to them as our advantages.


All our reviews are truthful and transparent. We do not advertise brands nor are we dishonest about the pros and cons of any cigar product. All our published reviews are available and accessible to our readers for free, and we do not restrict any reader from accessing any of our reviews and articles. Our goal is to help both new and experienced users of cigars make a better-informed decision, and that’s exactly what we are doing. Our content does not need to be paid for, and we remain truthful about every one of our reviews.


All our content is published with top-most quality. We pay kin attention to how the content is presented and how simple it is to navigate through it. Our articles are also well-structured and each topic is explained in detail with simple words that are easy to understand. Every product review contains relevant images, well-structured guidelines on how to use each product, etc.


We are 100% devoted to creating and maintaining a site that is convenient to use by both first-timers and constant users. Our website has a logical site structure and allows for easy navigation through pages. This erases frustration when searching through our site for your desired article. We also organize our many reviews into convenient categories which makes it possible for our users (both old and new) to access any topic easily.